Below is list of calculators to help you begin planning your future-from forecasting your retirement options or child's college fund to estate planning and mortgage refinancing.  Interactive calculations, dynamic graphs, and fully customizable reports are a few features provided with our calculators to support thorough planning and a sound decision-making process. Please note that this is not a substitute for advice and information provided by a qualified professional, our calculators offer a good starting point to a secure future.

Tax Estimator

Estimate your tax liability or refund.

Mortgage Loan Calculator

Determine your monthly payment and amortization schedule.

Mortgage Qualifier

Can you buy your dream home? Find out just how much you can afford!

Refinance Breakeven

Should you refinance your mortgage? Use this calculator to determine when you will breakeven!

Retirement Planner

Quickly determine if your retirement plan is on track - and learn how to keep it there.

Roth vs Traditional IRA

Use this calculator to determine which IRA is right for you.

Lease vs Buy

Should you lease your next automobile or finance it? Find out with this calculator!

College Savings

Use this calculator to help develop or fine tune your education savings plan.

Savings Goals

What will it take to reach your savings goal? This financial calculator helps you find out.

Cool Million

Find out when your savings plan will make you a millionaire!

Should My Spouse Work

This calculator is designed to help you see the financial impact of adding, or removing, a spouse's income to your household. As with any decision of this type, there are many factors to consider.

Net Salary Calculator

Input the gross salary and the calculator will estimate the net pay (or take-home pay) after taxes and deductions withheld.

Gross Salary Calculator

Input the net pay amount (or take-home pay) and the calculator will estimate the gross wages before taxes and deductions withheld.